Fuel your Mind and Elevate your Mood with a Sampler Pack

Fuel your Mind and Elevate your Mood with a Sampler Pack

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Experience the benefits of plant-based nootropics and adaptogens and transform your daily routine with sustained mental energy. Don’t miss this exclusive limited time deal to find clarity and focus!

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*Recommended number of servings is 2 cans per day.

CENTR Enhanced is a citrus-forward, ZERO calorie, sparkling water that combines natural nootropics and adaptogens to boost cognitive function, elevate mood, and reduce stress.



What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are substances that help the brain function more productively.

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are derived from ancient plants and herbs and help the body deal with stress.

Promotes a healthy gut, immune function and nutrient absorption.

Promote an increase in relaxation and mental clarity while also reducing stress and improving the quality of sleep.

Supplies nutrition needed for the brain to stay alert and focused, supporting mental energy. Promotes focus, attention and memory while also supporting overall cognitive health.

Sustainably farmed, plant-based adaptogens to promote anti-anxiety effects, help increase serotonin, and increase dopamine to boost mood. Promotes enhanced cognition and work performance, elevates moods, reduces irritability, promotes sense of calmness, reduces stress and improves quality of sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are nootropics and adaptogens?
Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances that are known to enhance cognitive function, including memory, creativity, and motivation. Adaptogens are natural substances that help the body cope with stress and support overall health and wellbeing. CENTR Enhanced contains a blend of both nootropics and adaptogens, carefully sourced from around the world for their proven effectiveness and safety. By combining these powerful ingredients, CENTR Enhanced provides a unique and all-natural way to improve mental and physical performance while promoting relaxation and reducing stress.
How does CENTR Enhanced help improve cognitive function?
CENTR Enhanced helps improve cognitive function by supplying the brain with natural nootropics and adaptogens that have been scientifically proven to enhance mental energy, memory, focus, and clarity. The natural ingredients in CENTR Enhanced provides a quick mental boost that can improve cognitive function in just 45 minutes.
Is it safe to drink every day?
Yes, CENTR Enhanced is safe to drink every day. Our formula is made with natural ingredients that are backed by science and have been used for centuries to promote overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, our sparkling water is free from artificial flavors and sweeteners, making it a healthy and safe option for daily consumption.
What sets it apart from other sparkling waters?
What sets CENTR Enhanced apart from other sparkling waters is our focus on using natural nootropics and adaptogens to provide both mental and physical benefits. Our sustainably farmed, plant-based adaptogens promote anti-anxiety effects, boost mood, and improve cognitive function, making CENTR Enhanced a great choice for those who want to feel good and be their best selves.
Does it contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners?
No, CENTR Enhanced does not contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners. We believe in using only natural ingredients that are backed by science and have been used for centuries to promote overall health and wellbeing. Our sparkling water is a great tasting, good-for-you option that you can feel good about enjoying.

Try CENTR Enhanced Risk-Free with Our 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We're confident that you'll love the benefits of CENTR Enhanced, but we understand that everyone's needs are different. That's why we offer a 45-day money-back guarantee on all of our products. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with CENTR Enhanced, simply contact hello@drinkcentr.com within 45 days of your purchase and we'll give you a full refund. All we need is your order number and a bit of feedback on why you aren't 100% satisfied. Don't wait any longer to experience the difference CENTR Enhanced can make in your life. Try it risk-free today and see for yourself why so many people are choosing CENTR Enhanced for sustained mental energy and focus.



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